Annual Testing and Preventative Maintenance Services

Quintech is an industry leader in the proper procedures for medical gas system retesting. Our procedures and testing requirements will verify the source of the alarm switches, continuity of the alarm wiring and the audio/visual requirements from the NFPA99 healthcare facility standards for category 1, 2, 3 and 4 facilities. Quintech employees are factory trained for the proper functions of medical gas alarms. We can also make minor repairs on site in order to be more responsive to customer needs. Quintech can also offer alternate solutions and quotations if major repair/replacement needs are discovered. Detailed written reports and digital copies are made for the facility and stored at our home office.

Regular piped medical gas inspections are an important part of a facilities maintenance schedule, typically completed on an annual basis. Quintech, Inc. provides annual testing and a scheduled preventative maintenance program for your facility’s piped medical gas system and source equipment which include:

  • Medical Air and Medical Vacuum Equipment
  • Medical Gas Manifolds
  • Master and Area Alarms
  • Patient Inlets/Outlets
  • Zone Valves / Source Valves
  • Medical Gas Purity and Contaminants

Piped gas system testing provides our customers information to evaluate patient safety, cost savings and compliance with NFPA, ASSE, JCAHO, CMS, and CGA standards.
All Quintech, Inc. technicians are credentialed by NITC (National Inspection Testing Certification)